Intermediate Macroeconomics

Course Description

This course was taught by professor Ananth Seshadri. The intended audience is undergraduate economics majors, usually in their last years of college. The TA material found here was put together by several TA’s. The formatting is mine. Students learned analytical tools to study macroeconomic questions through the eyes of the Neoclassical growth theory.

  • Textbook: Macroeconomics, by Robert J. Barro (5th Edition).


Topics Handout Solutions
Discussion 1 GDP accounting and the Robinson Crusoe economy Handout 1 Solutions 1
Discussion 2 Intertemporal decisions Handout 2 Solutions 2
Discussion 3 Demand for money and market clearing Handout 3 Solutions 3
Discussion 4 Interest rate, inflation and investment Handout 4 Solutions 4
Discussion 5 Real business cycles Handout 5 Solutions 5
Discussion 6 The Solow growth model Handout 6 Solutions 6
Discussion 7 Unemployment with search frictions Handout 7 -
Discussion 8 Government spending and taxes Handout 8 Solutions 8
Discussion 9 Tax policy and public debt Handout 9 Solutions 9
Discussion 10 Open economy Handout 10 Solutions 10


  • Some of the exercises are inspired in published work. The selection of questions was meant to assist students in their learning process. I do not claim property rights of the ideas presented.
  • I appreciate the collaboration of former students in identifying mistakes in the problems or solutions. I constantly keep them updated. If you find an error, please contact me.