Optimal Echo Chambers

Games among Groups

Teaching Experience

Term Course Institution
Spring 2020 (Fin 320) Investment Theory (Undergraduate) UW-Madison
Spring 2020 (Fin 445) Multinational Business Finance (Undergraduate) UW-Madison
Fall 2019 (Fin 300) Introduction to Finance (Undergraduate) UW-Madison
Fall 2019 (Fin 325) Corporate Finance (Undergraduate) UW-Madison
Summer 2019 (Econ 521) Game Theory (Undergraduate - Online) UW-Madison
Fall 2017 (Econ 703) Math for Economists (Ph.D.) UW-Madison
Fall 2016 (Econ 703) Math for Economists (Ph.D.) UW-Madison
Spring 2016 (Econ 713) Theory: Microeconomics Sequence II (Ph.D.) UW-Madison
Fall 2015 (Econ 711) Theory: Microeconomics Sequence (Ph.D.) UW-Madison
Spring 2015 (Econ 101) Principles of Microeconomics (Undergraduate) UW-Madison
Fall 2014 (Econ 302) Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate) UW-Madison
Teaching Evaluations UW-Madison
Fall 2012 Advanced Microeconomics (Undergraduate) CIDE
Spring 2012 Game Theory (Undergraduate) CIDE
Spring 2011 Intermediate Microeconomics (Undergraduate) CIDE
Fall 2010 Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate) CIDE