Game Theory

Course Description

This summer course was taught by David Hansen. Econ 521 is an advanced undergraduate course where students learned how to study strategic interactions. The course is mainly focused on studying standard non-cooperative games, and finishes discussing topics in cooperative games and evolutionary game theory. See the material below for a more comprehensive list of the material covered.


Week 1

Topics: Strategic games and solution concepts - The Nash equilibrium

Week 2

Topics: Mixed strategies and classic games - Oligopoly Models and Auctions

Week 3

Topics: Sequential games

Week 4

Topics: Bayesian games and signaling

Week 5

Topics: Repeated games and evolutionary game theory

Week 6

Topics: Cooperative game theory - Nash bargaining and the core


  • Some of the exercises are inspired in published work. The selection of questions was meant to assist students in their learning process. I do not claim property rights of the ideas presented.

  • I appreciate the collaboration of former students in identifying mistakes in the problems or solutions. I constantly keep them updated. If you find an error, please contact me.