Finance 445: Multinational Business Finance

Course Description

This course is taught by professor Bulent Paker. The goal of this course is for students to learn to apply financial theory to the operations of multinational firms. Understand the international financial environment as well as the determinants of international financial decisions.

In this website page you can find an unofficial outline of the lectures. I am putting together this pdf to aid you in studying for this class by making sure you have a clear idea of what topics were covered in each lecture as well as what chapters in the book are connected with the topics discussed. I’ve also summarized some of the main intuitions for the main formulas that were presented in class.

Similarly, I will be posting bi-weekly practice problems that will help you to asses your understanding of the material, and prepare for the exam.

Practice problems:

Practice Problems 1 (Chapter 5 and 6) -> PP1 Solutions: click here Practice Problems 2 (Chapter 3, 6 and lectures) -> PP2 Solutions: click here

Required Text:

  • International Financial Management, Eun and Resnick, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill/Irwin

Lecture notes outline:

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  • If you have any question, please come to my office hours. Expect extra office hours the week prior to an exam.
    • Wednesday 1:00-2:30 pm
    • Thursday 1:00-2:30 pm

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  • This lecture notes outline is not meant to be comprehensive. It does not necessarily contain all the information presented in class. You are expected to attend lectures, read the chapters in your book and work on the practice problems.
  • I appreciate your collaboration in identifying any mistakes. I constantly keep the outline updated (see the date in the beginning of the file). If you find an error, please contact me.